Thursday, November 21, 2019

Mixed Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Mixed Strategy - Essay Example My parents would always remind me whenever I came home late from partying that I should change my ways if I were to get a college education. My friends and classmates would no longer be there for me and that I should learn to stand on my own, be independent, because college is going to be a serious matter. My mother, who only finished seventh grade, would lecture to me again and again how important college education is and that if I want to have a better life then I should mend my ways. On the other hand, my father, who is a law school drop out, would back her lectures with the gravity of college. He said that if I would not learn any study skills I would be put in extreme embarrassment because professors would give unannounced quizzes and oral examinations. A student would be asked to stand up whenever he/she is called to answer and he/she would not be allowed to sit unless he/she is able to answer correctly. Before I graduated high school then, I spent less time with my friends and began to take a serious look at my life and my life ahead. I wanted college so much that I should be ready to face it and as much as possible finish it, not only for my parents’ sake but for my own personal satisfaction and fulfillment. I wanted a life that is more comfortable and convenient than what my parents gave me. Having spent more than a year in college, I feel that life is not that bad after all. I have new-found friends who back me up whenever I get entangled with my Math problem sets, others are there just to cheer me up whenever I have to spend sleepless nights just to beat the deadlines for my papers. Friends can be found everywhere and I can choose the good ones who will give me good influences. My professors are also not as bad as my father said. They are very supportive and understanding. My professor in Art, for instance, lent me some of her books for my project in Miro and Dali. She even coached me on how to use the internet for research since I only used the

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