Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Service Desk :: Personal Narrative Writing

Service Desk I find myself working at the Service Desk about noon on a Sunday afternoon. The  ³Church Rush ² has begun. People with their three piece suits and Sunday dresses on all come to shop. Then this gentleman and his daughter come in and the dreaded happens. They have a video game, that is opened, with a receipt. One of the toughest situations to deal with. The account, in extreme cases, goes like this:  ³Hi, ² I say.  ³Hello, I ¹d like to return this. Here is the receipt, ² the guest replies. I see that it is  ³Mario Party ² for the Nintendo 64 and it is opened.  ³Okay, I can exchange this for another copy of Å’Mario Party ¹, ² I say.  ³I don ¹t want another copy. It was to difficult for my kid, ² the guest says.  ³Well, due to copyright law issued by the Federal government I cannot refund your money or issue an exchange except for an exact copy of this game, ² I explain.  ³I never have had a problem with returns before at this store, ² the guest tells you.  ³One moment, ² I say as I go get the return policy pamphlet. I then point out the phrase which applies to the situation.  ³Well this says I can return electronics with a receipt, ² says the guest as they point to a different section of the return policy.  ³In certain instances it is that easy, but in this case I can issue you another copy of Å’Mario Party ¹ due to copyright, ² I say.  ³Well, I shop here every week. I buy stuff for home, the office, and gifts. I ¹ve never had a problem before. Are you telling me I just threw away $55?!? ² retorts the guest in an angry manner.  ³I ¹m sorry, would you like to speak with the manager? ² I ask. That phrase is one of my favorite questions in a situation such as this.  ³Yes, I do! ² exclaims the guest. I turn around and pick up the walkie-talkie and call for the Lead on Duty.  ³LOD can you come to the service desk? ² I speak in to the walkie.  ³Be there in a minute, ² the walkie says back with Brian ¹s voice. As I stand there the gentleman ¹s little daughter says in the cutest little voice,  ³If we buy something here and have the receipt we can return it. ² I just look at her then at her father a give a brief smile. The time it takes the LOD to arrive at the service desk seems like an eternity.

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