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The Old Testament, By King James Version Of The Bible

The concept of land in the Old Testament is of extreme importance and constantly mentioned throughout the various books in the scripture. It is quite shocking the way we view land today compared to the way that it is explained by God in the scripture. While man may have various misconceptions about land, even about how land is portrayed in the Old Testament, it is God who dictates to man regarding this subject. Three important facets of land that are portrayed in the Old Testament are that land is an inheritance, land is to be shared with all of humanity, and land can be both a gift and a curse depending on the ability of the people to follow God’s commandments. Often times in the King James Version of the bible we hear of the people of Israel â€Å"conquering† or â€Å"possessing† the land. This can lead the reader astray in that it portrays the stories of the Old Testament as a series of wars ordained by God in order for the people to inhabit the land. This con trasting idea of inheritance rather than possession is evident throughout the Old Testament beginning with the story of Adam. We see that Adam does nothing to conquer or possess the land, but is rather given the land as an inheritance from God. It is purely a gift from God and has nothing to do with man’s doing. However, since this land belongs to God and he is the sole owner, he is the one who determines the rules and laws of the land. This inheritance is dependent on the ability of humanity to follow God’s commandments asShow MoreRelatedThe Magna Carte, The Declaration Of Independence, And But The Communist Manifesto1534 Words   |  7 Pagesshape humanity. The Bible has had perhaps more impact on humanity than any other Document ever written. Many people read the Bible, but know little of the history of the Bible itself. The history of the Bible is a fascinating story of the creation of the Bible versions seen today. Many people are familiar with at least some of the contents of the Bible, but the average person knows little of the people, processes, and events involved in its creation and translations. The Bible is a collection ofRead MoreWilliam Coverdale ( 1488-1569 ), The Great Bible911 Words   |  4 Pages William Coverdale (1488-1569), The Great Bible The atmosphere changed in England as Rome and Henry the VIII came into conflict. Henry the VII wanted to divorce his Catholic wife, Katherine of Aragon, the Catholic Church refused. When the Pope refused, Henry VII renounced the Catholic Church and appointed himself head of the Church of England. To spite the Catholic Church and unify his kingdom, he ordered the Bible printed and translated into English, and placed in all the churchesRead MoreHistory of the Bible Essay1727 Words   |  7 PagesCanonization of the Bible The process by which the English Bible, as it is known to the English culture today, was compiled is an extraordinary thing to see. The Bible consists of two parts: the Old Testament and the New Testament. The process by which both Testaments were written and then canonized into one book transpired over a period of many years. Once the canonization of the Bible officially came to an end, it was translated into English. Since then, many versions of the modern Bible have been madeRead MoreHistory And Historical Context Of The Old Testament1684 Words   |  7 Pagesof how the Bible came into existence has been explored for centuries and is an active area of study today. There are many facets to the Bible and each has its own set of unique characteristics and teachings. The Old Testament is considered a contemporary guide for daily living, even though it was composed hundreds of years ago. Where did the Old Testament come from? What are some of the influences that shaped the Old Te stament? What are the significant events of the Old Testament? In orderRead MoreBoring s Introduction Of The New Testament898 Words   |  4 PagesBoring’s Introduction to the New Testament, was a very interesting book. It detailed just about everything you would want to know about the New Testament and then some. He left no stone unturned in taking you deep into the history of every book and just about every writer that wrote the books of the New Testament. Boring is a very detailed writer, he takes you beyond what you think that you might know and in his own way breaks it down in a kind of complex way. The title explains the subject justRead MoreThe Old Testament: The Five Covenants Essay1550 Words   |  7 PagesThe word ‘covenant’ is, in the Old Testament, it is the Hebrew word ‘berith’ and is used many times in different texts. Some scholars my say that the word covenants is hard to find a true meaning. You will hear the word covenant throughout the Old Testament. I think sometimes when we hear the word covenant only one or two covenants come to mind. There are many covenants throughout the Bible. I will attempt to define and explain five covenants. These five covenants are: Noahic Covenant, AbrahamicRead MoreEnglish Translations of the Bible Essay1988 Words   |  8 PagesThe efforts for translating the Bible from its original languages, i.e. Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek began many years ago. Its being the reference book for the religion was the main idea which feed up those efforts. Every people wants to understand how he begs and prays to God according to the sacred book. Not only Bible but also many other holy books were translated into another languages. The Bible is the bestseller in many English speaking countries today. The reason for this is especially theRead MoreThe King James Bible Remains The Most Significant Book1137 Words   |  5 PagesThe King James Bible remains the most significant book of all English literature to date, however, a substantial part of the population appears to be ignorant of the history of Bible translation. In this essay, the reader will go through some of the principal names in the history of Bible translation. Particularly important questions will be answered such as, â€Å"What are the consequences that ran upwards to the translation of these texts?† â€Å"What are the pros and cons of this translation?†, in additionRead MoreThe Tensions Between The United States And The Middle East924 Words   |  4 PagesFurthermore, Muslims practice many laws similar to what the Jewish people practiced in the Old Testament. For example, Muslims make a sacrifice on a Muslim holiday known as, Eid a l-adha, which honors Abraham’s obedience when God told him to sacrifice Isaac (Genesis 22, Holy Bible: authorized King James Version, 2009). Also, just as the Jewish women were restricted from certain activities in the Old Testament when they were on their menstrual cycle, so too Muslim women are prohibited from certain activitiesRead MoreChanges Due to English Evolution Affect Integrity of the Bible1705 Words   |  7 Pagescontrol of the Holy Bible without many recorded challenges for more than one thousand years, according to several historical documents. Church authorities told church members they could neither read nor interpret the text themselves. The principles clergy taught in church were what churchgoers often believed. Eventually, a high-ranking German monk named Martin Luther challenged church officials in the 16th century and began reading and interpreting the Scriptures. As he studied the Bible, he found many

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